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Car Insurance

Car Insurance (also known as Auto or Motor Insurance) protects your vehicle from unforeseen risks. It basically provides protection against financial losses incurred as a result of unavoidable instances, such as Theft and Accidents

There are various covers available for your car. A Car can be insured against losses to Third Parties only or can be insured to cover the damage to your own vehicle too, along with covering Third Parties. The premium of the insurance is dependent on certain parameters like Type of Coverage, Value of the Car, Vehicle Classification, etc. Car Insurance gives confidence to drive peacefully and in emergencies it acts like a boon to the insurance holder.

In the present competitive environment, there are many car insurance companies trying to grab a sizeable market share, which makes it quite difficult for the customer to make a right choice of Policy and the Insurer.

Risk Managers helps its clients figure out the Right Insurer and the Insurance Policy. This saves valuable time of the client and the complex task of selecting the right policy is made easy by professionals.


  • One Point Contact for Vehicle Insurance and Other Insurances like Health Insurance, Office, Home, etc. offered through various Insurance Companies
  • 24x7 Helpline Number 9811226226. Always available on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
  • Customized Policy according to Customer's Requirement like Zero Depreciation, Consumables etc., on the payment of extra premium
  • Authorized for Online Policy Issuance by Insurance Companies
  • Guaranteed Policy Delivery
  • Own Claims Department - Avail our services in case of claim. SMS CLAIM To 56677 / Call 96 43 226 226 / E-Mail:
  • Own Customer Care Department- Contact only us for any Endorsement, CNG Addition or for any other insurance related query
  • Option of Payment through NEFT / Credit Card.
  • Professional Team engaged only in Insurance Services
  • Renewal reminder One Month Advance, so that you are never uninsured. To Renew SMS RENEWAL To 56070 / Call 98 11 226 226 / E-Mail: